Mother’s Day Gift

About a couple of months ago I received a phone call from my past client, Christine. She was so excited to tell me the magic of the family portrait we created last Mother’s Day.

The story starts back in 2021. I photographed Christine’s family with her parents-in-law on Mother’s Day. Yes, it was on the actual Mother’s Day. That was the only day they can have the 92 years old mother-in-law out of the nursing home. The Chinese old couples are in their 90s and they had been married for more than half a century. The Mother-in-law has Morbus Alzheimer so she wasn’t sure who I am and what I was there for.Β During the shooting session, the father-in-law kept holding his beloved wife’s hands and softly sang the old songs next to her. It was very sweet. The final family portrait was framed beautifully in the vintage black frame hanging in the nursing room. One day, Christine went to visit her Mother-in-law in the nursing house. By then, Β the Mother-in-law had forgotten who is Christine. But when she looked at the family portrait and looked back at Christine, the magic happened. She remembered Christine is her daughter-in-law.

That’s the power of the family portrait. It contains memory and happiness.Β 

Are you also ready to update your family portrait?