Sandy camp rd wetlands reserve

It’s a very quiet spot for outdoor portrait session. There are bushes, ponds, and tall grass, and a nice footpath.

Wynnum mangrove boardwalk

The beautiful wooden deck feature is great for family photos. The recommended shooting season in this spot is Winter.

Wynnum Wetlands Birdhide

This is a stunning spot for outdoor portrait session. Only local families come for a walk with dog in the morning or afternoon.

Wynnum JETTY

It is a very popular spot for locals. Early morning or afternoon around 3 pm – 5 pm is nice. There are two jetties and a small sandy beach in this location.


There is a dog-friendly beach. a small sandy beach and beautiful  footpath next to the sea.

Colmsilie Beach Reserve

There is a small sandy beach next to the Brisbane river, a wooden path, and a nice green path.