Brisbane Award-winning Professional Newborn Baby Photographer

Congratulations to the new arrival into your family!

Your little bunny grows so quick. The delicate skin, the very soft fine hair, the cute little toes, the heart melting little smile and the precisely newborn feature in their early days of life will become just memory. 

Finding a professional and fully trained Brisbane newborn photographer to capture all these beauty and keep your newborn baby safely in the photographed session is quite important.

A comfortable Brisbane bayside studio for your baby photography

Newborns and babies are particularly sensitive to wind and changes in temperature, so my studio is equipped for comfort. I have a selection of props to bring out your baby’s best side, as well as keep them entertained and happy. 

Our Brisbane bayside studio uses natural materials for props and accessories that are gentle to your baby’s sensitive skin. Most of the wraps are made of 100% natural organic yarn. 

Everything is washed after each session with chemicals free products. I love to use natural light to photograph newborn. It is soft, neutral and pastel. 

For the new parents, you can relax in my studio while I am taking photos of your baby.

Make your booking and capture these previous moments

I recommend that your session is booked three months before you are due, to ensure I can capture the early moments. 

And the best time to capture your newborn is within the first two weeks, but if your schedule does not allow for that I would be happy to work with you on timing. 

You can also book the Watch Me Growth package which will allow me to document your child once every month in the first year. 

My services are ideal for every stage of life, tracing the journey from birth to adolescence and leaving you with a amazing record of your child’s life.

Milestone & Cake Smash Sessions

There are different milestones in the first 12 months, the first 100 days, the first independent sit-up, the first crawling, the fist baby step, the first birthday celebration. 

I beg you are so proud of your little one with those amazing achievement. Our milestone sessions and cake smash session will document the growing journey and preserve all these precious memories. 

These sessions can take place in the studio, or at an outside location in bayside area. I have props and sets for different themes. Cake is provided in our package by our local baker in the cake smash session.

Album & Wall Art

Newborn and baby photography is ideal for creating prints and albums to hang in your wall or share with your family and friends. 

I offer beautiful handmade fine art prints, canvas print and albums that you will love to own, each with your favourite shots. They are ideal for a range of occasions, as well as keepsakes that you and your child will treasure for life.

kind words

Suzy Colless

Absolutely amazing photos! Brilliant customer focus! So professional yet so friendly! Exceptional everything!!!

Brisbane family photographer
Suzy Colless

Ruth Muller

Thank you so much Christal! I received my photo hook and disc today. The book is lovely and you have once again captured beautiful family photos which we will have for many years to come. This is out 3rd time after all so you must be good! I’m sure we’ll see you again.

brisbane family photography
Ruth Muller

Louise Ivers

We were lucky enough to have some gorgeous family Christmas Minis done with Christal. She was fantastic with my boys, friendly, fun and quick at getting through the shots. Even our 3 month old was smiling. Beautiful photos!

Louise Ivers

Momoko Jennings

We highly recommend. Christal was amazing! She was absolutely incredible person and so quick job done. My 14months old son was sleepy that time but she did make him smile and we’ve received beautiful photo. Thank you so much!!

brisbane family photographer
Momoko Jennings

Rochelle Cullen

I would absolutely recommend Christal and the team at Twin Lotus, she is always so friendly and very professional. My 14 month old daughter loves her, she frowns at most people but Christal can make her smile at the drop of a hat!!!

family photographer
Rochelle Cullen