Beautiful Family Portrait Photography in Brisbane and Bayside


Portraiture has come a long way since the days of those awkward posed shots in front of a velour curtain! Nothing captures a beautiful moment better than a great photo in a natural setting. Photos taken in your child’s favourite places can really bring out those lovely smiles and positive emotions, giving you a perfect picture to treasure forever.

Choose a shoot on location at a Bayside or Brisbane park, reserve or other outdoor space that means something special to you.

Capture your family magic with an experienced photographer

Taking family photos with toddler or young child is the hardest thing as they might lose the interests and run to opposite direction during the photography session, therefore, you need an experienced professional family photographer’s help to create the relaxing friendly enjoyable atmosphere and take the shots.

Being a full accredited professional portrait photographer with AIPP, I will produce truly magnificent and memorable photographs that perfectly capture the spirit, aesthetic and feeling of your family unit.

You may find that the overall impression you’re trying to achieve is best done with a series of images. Imagine, relaxed photos of the group as a whole displayed side by side with close-ups of just the kids, or candid shots captured by chance at just the right moment. It revolves around allowing each person to be as natural and relaxed as possible, so that their true nature and warmth can come out. The way that they express themselves and interact with each other is what makes them family – and this is exactly what I capture on film.

Family portrait photography in picturesque scenery

Whether you want a stylish studio setting, or to take advantage of the many stunning locations throughout wider Brisbane and the Bayside area, you are assured of great photos. If you’re new to the area or can’t think of a location you’d particularly like, I can suggest nearby areas with plenty of space, privacy, and most importantly gorgeous backdrops for your family photography session.

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Twin Lotus Production provide the most competitive price for the high quality service in all of Queensland. I offer digital collection and printing options. All the prints come with digital negative which meaning you can re-produce the prints, or even send the images to relatives overseas for them to print. You’ll be amazed at how little it costs to have truly professional-quality pictures taken.

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