Pre Wedding / Engagement Photography Brisbane

Pre-Wedding Photography is a popular service for the Asain market which is similar to engagement photogrpahy for Western. Your actual wedding day goes by in a beautiful blissful blur. And we will always focus on real emotion, the moments, your day, your people, your beautiful story. However, there is often very little time for creative photography in breath-taking locations during the day. So for a more relaxed, inspired experience a Pre-Wedding / Engagement photography is a beautiful investment. They are typically planned months before the wedding so that the images can be used as a print display, guest book or slideshow in your reception. It is epic experience for the couple to create extoradinary images in your dream location. We may shoot at sunrise, sunset, rain or under the stars. We may found ourselve on beaches, mountain, lanvender field, at home, in the city, in the water, anywhere. You may wear Wedding Gown, Evening Gown & casual wear. It is such a fabulous part of the Wedding Story! Our pre wedding photography / engagement package starts from $500.

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